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Why Reface?

Lower cost - Because your existing cabinet boxes and shelving are reused, material costs are much less than if you were installing all new cabinets. Also, since the layout does not change, there are no design changes. Call or e-mail today for a free in home estimate.
Less Mess - The tear-out process is minimal because the cabinets remain in place while the work is being done. There is also no need to disturb any flooring or wall tiles. Because our facings are fully assembled, there is no need to sand down existing framework. All our facings are NAILED ON from the inside, never glued.
Less Time - Most jobs install in just 2 to 3 days, which means less upset to family life. We work on 1 project at a time so your kitchen is completed on schedule.
Quality - Many older homes have built in cabinetry, which can mean better constructed cabinet boxes and it usually means taller wall cabinets than new ones. Because we use 100% solid wood assembled frames to reface your cabinets we can greatly improve the structure of cabinets that are lower quality.
Recycling - Refacing your existing cabinets is actually recycling them because the cabinet boxes and shelving are reused. This also means that less NEW materials are needed to complete the project.
Lifetime Warranty - We are so confident that our refacing process is the best around that we proudly include a LIFETIME WARRANTY with each kitchen! Please review our warranty page.